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I agree   more...
Added 4 days ago by RaRMaG

No Dark Templars are op not blade masters   more...
Added 7 days ago by Micah

yes yes yes   more...
Added 1 month ago by cody454

this ill give a 100% learning to all players and i consider a good idea for when is starting fighting players of same level   more...
Added 1 month ago by fura bucho

That's a good idea, though it's hard to do because you don't have many players.. which means most of your fights would be with bots and that's no fun. Rooms are needed but i think they should be larger..   more...
Added 1 month ago by Valan

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the dark templar

He is so fast for a 2hander how can they hit that fast with a big heavy weapon and be aloud all that damage now the blade master has a sword and cant hit nearly as fast as them so how does that work and a crit to use our bm 1st skill witch starts out combos its so stressful i suggest lower the speed on there skills and making bms faster

Added 5 days ago by



Fix some Dark Templar skills.

The Dark Templars' bust in, Ice Shield, and throat grab is just too slow. They can easily get interrupted by any common skills of the BM, Berserk, and Paladin. Something like those skills which work best to interrupt should NOT be interrupted by physical attack skills. Instead, they should be interrupted by other skills that are meant to be key for interrupting long chains of attack. Balancing is of dire need in the game in order to provide a fair match.

Added 10 days ago by Araris



More People = More win streak rewards

So bassically if you have 3v3 and you win you get 3 win streak points and 2v2 is 2 win streak points. So on so forth.

Added 12 days ago by Micah



blade master speed

Please, reduce their speed. In terms of their ability to push and attack. They're able to rarely get interrupted and even if you were to be a step ahead, they can still interrupt your attacks just by the speed of their abilities. That or fix up some of the quick moves. Like Dark Templar's Bust In. There's no reason they should be able to interrupt it so easily with a basic attack ability. Serious rework needs to be done to balance things out.

Added 15 days ago by Araris



nerf blade master

they counter berserkers super hard and if played right can pwn most palay's i have smashed people levels ahead of me with blade masters you could make them squisher nerf their moves or remake their skill set

Added 19 days ago by gggg




we need rooms like if you want to do a specific kind of fight like 1 v 1 or 1 v2 and so on but make so you can only go with people your own lv

Added 1 month ago by Frain



More Classes!!!

There should be other classes like mages, archers, Priests. Even could implement races like dwarves, elves, ogres, and so on

Added 1 month ago by The Headsman



good idea bad play

As we know the dueling system in very bad what should happen is same level fights it isn't fair for 2 level 10s to go against a level 30 so they can get their sweet loot and silver same level fights that is all I ask that will fix a lot about the game and bring back top players in their own level

Added 1 month ago by cody454



paladin conbo

paladin is a easy way to get money and itens ut why ? paladin have a anoying conbo who put you fast to outside and manny players use this to get dirt money my sugestion is rebalance paladin skills to fight equal like others

Added 1 month ago by fura bucho




Daily chalenge to get materials and weapons fight a serie of mobs maybe divide, in solo coliseum and team coliseum hingh prizes for winners and moderate prizes for when reach certain stage 1 run per day ill be a good choice and add a new type of gameplay tired for pvp go dungeon hehhe this is good and i bet all players go like this.

Added 1 month ago by fura bucho

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