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I agree, once I became lv 16 I keep fighting against people up to 15 lv higher than me, I can't progress at all. I can only win if I fight against people close to my level or multiple lower level players those fights are only 2 out of 10 fights.   more...
Added 2 months ago by Darnavan Vile

I support this suggestion.   more...
Added 2 months ago by Keule

example 5-10/11-20/21-30 u could break it down to 5 lvls but dont know , this tournament is a weekly addition to and not to take away from normal game play thats why only 3 deaths. and bots should progress in difficulty till its nearly inpossible to win the total number of bots should be high like 100 with progession raising every 10 lvls so u should be ok to kill like 20 bots to stay near the top but would have to log in daily thats the point to make players log in daily to partisipate   more...
Added 2 months ago by Angra Mainyu

LOL. This is 3-years old, well we all can dream :-)   more...
Added 2 months ago by InRage

That was the case before this new game format. The problem with that system of fighting 2 levels up or down was that players wait for more than 10 mins to get a suitable match.   more...
Added 2 months ago by InRage

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Attack Speed

Every time you level up you can upgrade your attack speed.

Added 1 month ago by Sword Master



one good idea

the good idea are easy no ban players for talk in the chat i are talking in the chat and the creators banned my for talk is injust ban a player for talk in the chat is injust i now are forever banned in the chat and now i never talk more in the chat

Added 1 month ago by



magical items

there should be weapons like thors hammer, ares weapons. Also armour like red and black demon armour etc.

Added 2 months ago by primus maximu



make a fullscreen button.

I like to see what I can do, but it does not fill the whole screen. If anyone agrees with me, please vote and/or comment. This is a serious problem for video gamers with big screens as a monitor an you have to squint because you are couch gaming. Thanks to whom ever votes and/or comments

Added 2 months ago by progamer245



Unblockable Overhead Strike

verhead Strike should automatically be an unblockable attack against BM because of the sheer damage and force we spew out to use it, plus the time to evem gain 1 might charge which really doesnt help in a fast paced fight now they slowed grab so you got bascically 1 skill for a might charge, and even then thats if it even can land a hit before being interrupted and evrrythings on cooldown

Added 2 months ago by SoulEdge




I would like to know if you could add some new classes, like some sort of wizard the enchants his mace with fire and ice to attack his foes.

Added 2 months ago by Devian



new form of tournamnt

to be included to one we have now "clan wars " tournament monthly , this is a weekly tournament that runs unmanned over the course of a week ...when ever u log on you are given a widow to join. u get three death/ day in this new tournament its a gountlet vs 100 bots at end of week player or team with highest score wins ...some thing small 100 gold something 2nd place 50 gold with 3rd silver or item ...the tournament should be tiered so lvls are in challenge against others with in a 10 lvl range

Added 2 months ago by Angra Mainyu



level diff for matches

why is there not a match set up based on lvl? i dislike having to face people twice or more my lvl. it get really frustrating to have to play people that have that big of advantage.

Added 2 months ago by Battychaos



Rent servers

Rent servers in different parts of the world to host doomforge

Added 3 months ago by InRage



Higher sell value!

When I have to sell something from my inventory I expect at least half of what I bought it for The Black Widow is a 80k sword but when I go and hover over it to see how much it goes for it only goes for 3800 silver now that is messed up please do something about that so the flow of silver is easier and less stressful

Added 3 months ago by GODSMACK

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